Zanjan Tourism Guide

زنجان؛ شهری که باید دید؛ فرصتی جدید برای سفر بعدی شما؛ زنجان به شما نزدیکتر از آن است که تصور می‌کنید!

Chalapi Oughlou Historical mausoleum

توسط در تاریخ ۲۰ فروردين ۱۳۹۶

Located 500 meters southwest of Soltaniyeh, Sheikh Boraq or Chapi Oughlou is the mausoleum of an Ilkhanid period (12561335) mystic and Sufi master.  This octagonal mausoleum is 17 meters high and 7.6 meters wide. The dome sits on a hex decagonal dome chamber and has no tile work. The mausoleum consists of a tomb chamber in which the body of the Sheikh has been placed at the center and is surrounded by the bodies of his disciples according to their importance. The walls of the tomb chamber have no decorations. A beautiful Mihrab (prayer niche) with stucco Muqarnas (ornamented vaulting) decorations sits on the southern part of the chamber.Light wells circulating the dome provide lighting for the chamber. Sheikh Boraq or Chapi Oughlou Historical Complex is a registered National Heritage Site. 


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