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استان زنجان؛ مقصد گردشگری کمتر دیده شده؛ فرصتی جدید برای سفر بعدی شما؛ زنجان به شما نزدیکتر از آن است که تصور می‌کنید!

معدنکاران باستانی در زنجان

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هر میراثی که از گذشته باقی مونده میشه نمونه شو جای دیگه این کشور پیدا کرد به جز مومیایی های نمکی..... سالمترین مرد نمکی #saltmen In the winter of 1993, miners came across a body with long hair, a beard and some artifacts. These included the remains of a body, a lower leg inside a leather boot, three iron knives, a woollen half trouser, a silver needle, a sling, parts of a leather rope, a grindstone, a walnut, some pottery shards, some patterned textile fragments, and a few broken bones. The body had been buried in the middle of a tunnel approximately 45 metres in length.[2] In 2004, another salt miner found the remains of a second man. During archaeological excavations in 2005, the remains of another two well-preserved men were found. In 2006, the Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency partnered with German Mining Museum in Bochum (Germany), in 2007 with University of Oxford and the Swiss University of Zurich for thorough investigations. A scientific long-term project was started, supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and British funds.Four corpses, including a teenager and a woman, are kept at the Archeology Museum (Zolfaghari House) in Zanjan. A sixth corpse found in the excavation campaign 2010 was left in place at the salt mine. Three hundred pieces of fabric were found, some of which retained designs and dyes. In 2008, the Ministry of Industries and Mines canceled the mining permit. #塩男 #Salzmänner #盐人 #hommes de sel #աղ_տղամարդիկ #hombres_de_sal #uomini_salati #नमक आदमी #رجال_الملح #tuzadamlari #άντρες με αλάτι #солонцы #saltmän #merivên xwê #tagatamasima #ミイラ #mama #Momia #미라 #मम्मी #Mumya #مومیاء #مرد_نمکی #هخامنشی #گردشگری #موزه #مومیایی #کرونا #مومیایی

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