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استان زنجان؛ مقصد گردشگری کمتر دیده شده؛ فرصتی جدید برای سفر بعدی شما؛ زنجان به شما نزدیکتر از آن است که تصور می‌کنید!

Iran's most beautiful hotels 2021

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Shabby chic: The Hanna is a defiant mix of old and new.
High rollers: Manouchehri House's largest room sleeps six.

Big spenders: Manouchehri House is a stunning conversion of a 19th-century mansion.
Blowing in the wind: The wind towers of Yazd are visible from the Art House hotel.

Iranian Bauhaus: Hanna Boutique Hotel sits in a 1930s building in Tehran.
Keeping the past alive: Manouchehri House holds traditional weaving workshops.

Like staying with friends: Howzak House is one of the family-run guesthouses in the book.
In the blue: The Lari House is run by the Lari-Emami family, who returned to their ancestral city of Yazd.

Bold concept: Wegmann was surprised to see concept stores, such as Aassttiinn, in the country.

Power couple: Architect Tahereh Mokhtarpour and Manouchehr Peyvand Heydari opened Joybar Boutique Hotel in Esfahan.
Cultural blend: Laft 17 is a mix of Persian and Moroccan influences.
Eat your greens: Joybar has a vegetarian restaurant.

On the wall: Darb-e Shazdeh's Mirror Room has been painstakingly restored.
Sands of time: The Mesr desert is home to several guesthouses.

Sleep in history: The Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel is another of Kashan's renovated gems.
Coffee culture: Wegmann was surprised to see Italian espresso machines in Tehran.

Family style: Babak and Nassim own Howzak House in Esfahan.
Island time: Laft 17 is a guesthouse on Qeshm island.


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