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استان زنجان؛ مقصد گردشگری کمتر دیده شده؛ فرصتی جدید برای سفر بعدی شما؛ زنجان به شما نزدیکتر از آن است که تصور می‌کنید!

سیزدهمین جشنواره ملی آش ایرانی 22 تا 24 مردادماه برگزار می‌شود

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مدیرکل میراث فرهنگی، صنایع دستی و گردشگری استان زنجان گفت: «سیزدهمین جشنواره ملی آش ایرانی 22 تا 24 مردادماه سال 97 با حضور تمام استان های کشور در زنجان برگزار می شود.»

FIFA World Cup - Russia 2018 Groups

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Teams

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FIFA World Cup - Russia 2018 Groups

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Groups

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ساعات کار و اوقات استراحت در سرتاسر دنیا

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FIFA World Cup Wall Chart Poster Russia Soccer Football 2018

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گروه B جام جهانی فوتبال در روسیه

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جام جهانی فوتبال - روسیه 2018

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The world’s best airlines for 2018 have been announced with Air New Zealand taking out the top “airline of the year” award. Other award categories include the best economy, best business class, and best low-cost carrier., the world’s only safety, and product rating agenc promotes excellence in the airline industry and the pinnacle of these efforts is its Airline Excellence Awards. Winners include Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Air Canada, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Westjet, Norwegian, Aegean Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Scoot and

AWARD CATEGORY: Airline Of The Year
Air New Zealand selected for Airline of the year

Air New Zealand is being honored for the fifth consecutive year for its continued record-breaking financial performance, in-flight innovations, environmental leadership, young fleet and motivation of its staff. These factors have stamped the airline as an industry trendsetter.

It was also named by the readers of the highly respected Condé Nast Traveller as Best Airline in the World outside the US.

The Airline Excellence Awards program combines four major international industry and government safety audits, with another 12 key criteria that include: fleet age, passenger ratings, profitability, investment rating and key product offerings.

The judging panel said: “Air New Zealand came out number one -or equal first – in all of our audit criteria, which is an exceptional performance.”

AWARD CATEGORY: Airline With The Best First Class
Singapore Airlines wins best First Class experience

This award has been by won by Singapore Airlines whose name is a consistent winner of awards over the past decades synonymous with excellence of in-flight product.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Business Class
Virgin Australia wins Best Business Class

Virgin Australia has taken out this much sought-after award for the second year running with its “The Business” suite which can be argued is more First Class than Business Class.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Premium Economy
Air New Zealand wins Best Premium Economy

Air New Zealand has won Best Premium Economy once again for its leadership in this class. The airline is continually innovating in all cabins and this has resulted in higher yields as passengers upgrade their travel experience.

Korean Air wins Best Economy Airline

Korean Air is a clear winner with its Economy Class which features 18-inch wide seats at an industry high 33-34-inch seat pitch on its A380s, 777s, and 787s.

Singapore Airlines wins Best Cabin Crew

Best Cabin Crew award has been won by Singapore Airlines with its Singapore Girl and their outstanding commitment to service.

For decades the Singapore Girl has been the face of the airline.

Qantas Airways wins for Best Catering Services

Qantas has again taken out this award for the fourth year running. Its commitment not only to premium dining but to economy travel which makes up 90 percent of passengers is industry leading.

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Qantas Airways selected for Best Lounges

Another win for Australia’s Qantas. Its lounges have become an institution down-under and Qantas’ overseas offerings are also an industry benchmark.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best In-Flight Entertainment
Emirates wins for Best In-Flight Entertainment

Emirates, which was one of the pioneers of IFE, wins Best IFE award. The airline has an IFE product that few airlines equal.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Domestic Class
Qantas wins for Best Domestic Class

In an era where domestic offerings are becoming leaner both in the US and Europe Australia’s Qantas’s domestic in-flight product is a standout and in many cases, matches or exceeds international service.

AWARD CATEGORY: Regional Airline Of The Year
Aegean Airlines wins Regional Airline of the Year

Athens based Aegean Airlines has taken out this award for delivering a first-class experience on routes around Europe and is now stretching its legs.

AWARD CATEGORY: Most Improved Airline
Tianjin Airlines wins Most Improved Airline

This has been won by Tianjin Airlines in China. This airline is turning heads wherever it goes and it is now flying well beyond China and delivering a superb product at very affordable prices.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Ultra-Low-Cost Airline wins Ultra-Low-Cost Airline 

A new award, taken out by Vietnam’s , celebrates a new breed of airlines that offer extraordinary value to passengers, while not compromising on product or service.

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Long-Haul Airline
2018 Best Long-Haul Airline Winners Best Long-Haul Airline awards have been won by: Etihad (Middle East/Africa), Korean Air (Asia/Pacific), Virgin Atlantic (Europe) and Air Canada (The Americas).

AWARD CATEGORY: Best Low-Cost Airline
2018 Best Low-Cost Airline Winners winners are Westjet (The Americas), Scoot (Asia/Pacific) and Norwegian (Europe).

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