Zanjan Tourism Guide

Visit & Travel to Zanjan; Iran

Visit & Travel to Zanjan; Iran

Zanjan Tourism Guide

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آغاز چهارمین سال فعالیت - با ما همراه بمانید...

26 شهریور 1395 - September 11 2016

What a sad story.

10 days ago, a group of young people ended my wonderful journey in Iran in a brutal way. While camping at the Caspian Sea I was heavily beaten up and robbed.
My yaw was fractured and my face also. After surgery my mouth got screwed up in steel. This will take at least one month to be cured.
That night I wanted to publish a text about what marks living 4 Months on the road had left on me and on the world around me.
I changed in so many ways and now especially one thing I need to declare: This incident didn't change nothing within me.
I won't let the incredible time I had with all the fantastic people being abused by the selfish ambitions of group of young criminals. I never could allow this project, which you all are part of in some way being affected by such primitive behaviour.
It will for sure have an impact: I need to take a time off to recover and reorganize the robbed and destroyed equipment, and the worst: the @Silkroadmountainrace 2019 now is a lost case for me. Preparations were going on very well and this epic event would have been a perfect story in all this great journey. But things have happened and now there is no chance.
At the same time: thanks to all the worried people with those lovely words which you send to me! Once again: my wonderful experience of Iranian culture won't be affected by a bunch of primitive Idiots.
My journey will continue in the pamirs as soon as I will be able use my mouth again.
Meanwhile let's take care of bike and body.
To be continued...
Philipp Markgraf 

MINSK, 30 June 2019 (BelTA) – There are plans to hold an international agro-ecotourism forum in one of Belarus’ regions in 2020, UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili told reporters on 30 June, BelTA has learned.

“We want to declare 2020 the year of agro-ecotourism. We seek to promote new destinations and go beyond big cities. All the events to be held next year will take place in regions. Belarus is a very good example of how to promote ecotourism,” Zurab Pololikashvili said.

He believes that this event will draw participants from many countries. He hopes that Belarus’ experience will inspire them to promote this type of tourism. The UNWTO secretary general noted that agro-ecotourism helps create new jobs. “All countries can greatly benefit from promoting tourism in the periphery. The idea behind our efforts is to give a boost to this type of tourist offerings.

While in Minsk Zurab Pololikashvili has already visited local sports venues and studied hospitality infrastructure. “I am very glad that this event drew many fans. When they go back to their home countries, they will tell their family and friends about Belarus. It is very interesting here. You have great infrastructure and amazing people,” he said.

By: Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

TEHRAN, Jun. 10 2019 (MNA) – Katale Khor cave is one the most breathtaking caves in Iran which is located in Zanjan Province. The Katale Khor cave has been chosen as the first cave in terms of its crystals and cave formation, beauty and its numerous layers.

Iran has many caves, some of which are unique and special. There are many natural wonders in these caves; including magnificent stalactite and many million-year-old fossils. One of these beautiful caves in Zanjan city is katale khor cave. It is 150km south of Zanjan, off the Soltaniyeh–Hamadan road near Garmab.

The cave dates back to Jurassic period (120 million years ago) and it had a lot of natural and artificial changes during this period. It was discovered about 67 years ago by a group of Iranian cavers. One of the Zanjani members of the group named Seyyed Asadullah Jamali has registered this cave.

In some western parts of Iran, "Katale" is reffered to low altitude mountains and the appellation of this cave is probably due to its existence in one of these mountains. Khor has Avestan root which means Sun. Therefore, Katale Khor means “mount of Sun”.

At first, cavers had to crawl to enter the cave 700 meters. This cave was residence of ancient people so that bones of about 80 people are still preserved. Then the region was excavated and a route was created for walking. Researchers found a strange route in this cave which shows Katale Khor is connected to Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan Province, at distance of 100km.

Katale Khor and Ali Sadr Cave are roughly homogeneous and created at the same time, but there are two main differences: the Ali Sadr Cave is water cave where you sit in a boat and watch the view but Katale Khor is almost dry. The second distinction of this cave with Ali Sadr Cave is that Katale Khor’s limes are purer which makes it more transparent. Lime stalactites and stalagmites, as well as huge halls and corridors which are mainly dry have added to the beauty of the cave.

One of the features that made this cave one of the unique caves in the world is that the cave has 7 floors but so far only 3 floors have been discovered and there are waterfalls on its different floors. The stalactites in this cave are beautifully shaped and some of them are named after those shapes. Some of the most famous parts in this cave are bride and groom, marriage cloth, sleeping lion, hound, lion paw and elephant’s foot.

There are two visiting routes inside the cave; 3km open to the public and another 4km available only for experienced cavers. Tourists can visit 2850 meters of the cave in the first floor and visitor are asked to stop touching the stalactites and stalagmites to avoid and devastating.

The best season to visit Katale Khor cave is in spring and summer. Visiting this cave will take half a day.