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Zanjan Travel Guide; Visit Zanjan ; Iran

Zanjan Travel Guide; Visit Zanjan ; Iran

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راهنمای سفر و گردش در استان زنجان:
هدف این رسانه گسترش اطلاع رسانی و آموزش گردشگری است. بازنشر مطالب لزوما به معنای تائید محتوای آن نیست.
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World’s Top Ten Airlines 2018

پنجشنبه, ۱۷ خرداد ۱۳۹۷، ۰۲:۱۹ ق.ظ has announced its Airline Excellence Awards and it’s Top Ten airlines for 2018.

Heading the list is Air New Zealand followed by Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Airways, All Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines.

To be named in the top ten, airlines must achieve a seven-star safety rating and demonstrate leadership in innovation for passenger comfort. developed its unique seven-star rating system after two years of evaluation and consultation with the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The editors of, some of the most experienced and awarded, look for a consistent level of service, innovation and staff engagement from each major contender.

The judging team said: “We are looking for leadership and airlines that innovate to make a real difference to the passenger experience, particularly in economy class.”

“In our evaluation, we will also consider the audited website feedback from passengers on our website and other reputable sites such as”

While Air New Zealand again topped the rankings, it is being pressed by Australia’s Qantas and Singapore Airlines, which are both rolling out new aircraft such as Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s as well as significant revamps of in-flight product.

Moving into 4th spot is Virgin Australia with Virgin Atlantic in the fifth spot.

Both in their own markets have been taking giant strides with Virgin Australia’s new business class turning heads.

In Europe Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight product and service is a clear leader.

In 6th position, Etihad Airways continues its leading role in global aviation with magnificent product throughout the cabins.

In 7th position, All Nippon Airways continues its leading role of Japanese aviation.

In the 8th position is Korean Air which has evolved as the leading airline in Korea.

At number nine is Cathay Pacific Airways while at number 10 is Japanese carrier Japan Airlines. These two airlines are bywords for operational excellence and professionalism and two of the world’s most respected carriers.

‘’Whether number 1 or number 10 these airlines are the best of the best – the elite in aviation,” said the judging team. “They are the trendsetters and the benchmark by which all others are judged.”

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